Trumpeter Hornbill

Trumpeter Hornbill

GoBundu will be issuing a weekly Birding Blog Post.  Each post will feature a bird that has been sighted by GoBundu on their travels around Southern Mozambique over the last 16 years, together with a link that takes you to the exact google earth location where the specific bird was sighted.  If you are a keen birder keep an eye on the GoBundu Facebook page and Blog every Wednesday for specific locations where you can spot various birdlife.

Trumpeter Hornbill

Click Here to view the precise sighting location where Gobundu saw a Trumpeter Hornbill

This is one of my all-time favorite birds to see when I'm in Mozambique.  I always say it sounds like a baby crying.  It is a real tropical-looking bird and beautiful to see.

Similar to Silvery-cheeked Hornbill but smaller, and with a reduced, dark casque on top of the dark bill, a black throat and upper breast and a white lower breast, and a white lower breast and belly.  At close range, it can be seen that the bare skin around the eye is pinkish-red.  In flight, it shows white tips to the secondaries, white underwing coverts, and a white rump.  The back is black.

Female has a smaller bill than male and much-reduced casque.  Juvenile has almost no casque.

Habitat:  Lowland, coastal, and riverine evergreen forests.

Status:  Uncommon, localized resident, nomadic within its range.

Call:  A deep wail, harsh 'quark-quark', and nasal calls.

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