The White Throated Robin Chat

GoBundu will be issuing a weekly Birding Blog Post.  Each post will feature a bird that has been sighted by GoBundu on their travels around Southern Mozambique over the last 16 years, together with a link that takes you to the exact google earth location where the specific bird was sighted.  If you are a keen birder keep an eye on GoBundu Facebook page and Blog every Wednesday for specific locations on where you can spot various birdlife.

White Throated Robin Chat

Click here to view the precise sighting location that GoBundu saw a White Throated Robin Chat: 

The White Throated Robin Chat was seen on Makana Beach Estate in Ponta Mamoli, Southern Mozambique.  Other birds viewed in this spot was

Burchells Coucal
Fork Tailed Drone

The only robin in the region with a white wing bar, throat, and breast.  The rufous tail with a dark centre also differs from the tails of other robin-chats in having black tips to all the feathers.  Usually seen as it dashes for cover, it gives the impression of being a small, black and white bird with a red tail.

Habitat:  Dry thorn veld, thickets and riverine scrub.

Status:  Common, endemic.

Call:  Alarm call a repeat seet-cher, seet-cher’; song an attractive medley of whistled phrases incorporating much micro of other birds calls.

Happy Birding

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