The Red Billed Hornbill

GoBundu will be issuing a weekly Birding Blog Post.  Each post will feature a bird that has been sighted by GoBundu on their travels around Southern Mozambique over the last 16 years, together with a link that takes you to the exact google earth location that the specific bird was sighted.  If you are a keen birder keep an eye on GoBundu Facebook page and Blog every Wednesday for specific locations on where you can spot various birdlife.

Red Billed Hornbill

Click here to view the precise sighting location where GoBundu saw a Red Billed Hornbill  

This open grassland area is situated between Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli.  Other birds that were sighted at this exact location are:

Trumpeter Hornbill
Crowned Hornbill
Black-Collard Barbet
Carmine Bee-Eater
Little Bee-Eater
Burchells Coucal
Black-Crowned Tchagra

Confusable with Tamara Hornbill but is smaller and darker overall, has obvious dark streaking n the face, neck, and throat, and has a pale, not dark eye.  Speckled upper parts should obviate confusion with other, larger, red-billed hornbills.

Habitat:  Thornveld and savanna.

Status:  Common resident.

Call:  A series of rapid ‘wha wha wha’ calls, followed by a ‘yuk-we yuk-we’, in calling display the head is lowered but the wings are held closed.

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Happy Birding!

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