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Mozambique is one of the most underrated and rewarding surfing destinations in the world.  Located just above South Africa, on the Indian Ocean side of the African continent, Mozambique has some incredible, uncrowded waves.

Most decent surfing opportunities are located on the southern part of Mozambique with the two best surf spots being Tofinho and Ponta do Ouro, a world-class point break.

Ponta do Ouro is located on the very southern tip of Mozambique and it is one of AFricas longest waves!  However, Ponta can be pretty fickle and needs proper swell and wind direction work properly.  When it does, South Africans rush up north to surf this amazing point.

While some waves in Mozambique are starting to be known worldwide, this country still has many unexplored territories and the most adventurous surfers can definitely find waves that have barely been ridden before.
Surfing lessons and hiring of surfboards is available in Ponta do Ouro on the main beach at the Beach Bar. You can ask anyone in Ponta do Ouro to point you towards the Beach Bar situated at the campsite and they will show you.

The best time to surf Mozambique is during the austral winter season which lasts from June to September.  That is when Mozambique receives the most consistent swells and favourable winds.

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Ponta do Ouro is right next to the South African border and many South Africans drive all the way up there.  Many others fly up to Maputo and drive around.  Mozambique is a fairly long country, most of the good surf is in the southern region.

Here is a useful link to check surf conditions in Ponta do Ouro.

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