Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

aeroplane taking off

Want to fly to Mozambique?  Airlink now offers flights from Cape Town to Maputo.  LAM is another airline that offers flights from Johannesburg to Maputo.  Here are a few secret tips on how to find the cheapest flight to Mozambique:

Go Incognito

Have you ever searched for a flight on various websites, only to find a few hours later when you want to go back to the site and book your ticket there’s a huge price jump?

Your answer is most likely yes.

This is because booking sites track your cookies.  They follow your search patterns and then raise the flight prices the next time you search for a flight. 

When searching for the best airfare, always make sure to open up an Incognito Window in Google Chrome.  In this way booking sites won’t be able to monitor your search history and cookie storage and you will end up with cheaper and better search results!

Use the Best Flight Search Engines

Skyscanner is a great site to use for finding low fares.  Skyscanner itself is not a booking site but rather a search engine that searches all of the booking sites to find you the best deal.

A Skyscanner feature worth mentioning is the Everywhere Search, this allows you to find the cheapest flights to anywhere – just type in your departure airport and dates and find out where you can fly for cheap!

Another great flight search engine is Google Flights you can compare and track flight prices to find the best deal.

Book on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are the best days to make airfare queries because airlines often list sales and deals on Monday nights.  If your departure date is more than 21 days away, you might be able to find a good deal!

I hope these few useful tips will streamline booking your next Mozambique holiday.  Get in contact with GoBundu to assist you with your road transfer from Maputo airport to your beach holiday home.  Keep an eye on the GoBundu Facebook page for the latest beach holiday home deals.

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