How to Balance Bleisure

How to Balance Bleisure
In the era of remote working and hybrid meetings you can turn your next trip into a memorable vacation while doing business with a bit of strategic planning and a few simple adjustments to your schedule.  Mozambique has the perfect hideaway Bleisure Travel homes.

Pick Accommodation with a Vacation Vibe

Look for accommodation that offers a popular attraction such as a beach, snorkelling spot, fun activities for the whole family and restaurants within a short driving distance.  Book with your credit card so you can accrue more points to use toward your next trip.

Ensure you have Good Wifi Connection

GoBundu has a few houses that offer free, uncapped wifi.  Ensure you book one of these to sail through those online meetings and emails.  Aloha 18 is only one of many vacation homes that GoBundu recommends for Bleisure Travel, speak to your GoBundu agent for more options that suite your needs and budget.

Full disclosure

When you’re combining business and leisure travel, it’s best to be open about your plans with your coworkers and bosses. Don’t let them find out about it from social media first! Full transparency is always the way to go.

Use Travel Apps for Insider Tips

People love it when foreigners take the time to learn a few key phrases in their language.  If you're traveling abroad, check out apps like Duolingo or TripLingo to get a crash course in a foreign language.

Ask for recommendations

Do your homework beforehand and ask your GoBundu agent for some recommendations on restaurants and activities. You’ll get a local’s perspective, and you may get lucky and discover some hidden gems outside the regular tourist traps!

Work first, play later

Remember that first and foremost, you are there to work. Bleisure travel is fun, but it’s all about balance and knowing how to manage your time. Be present no matter what it is you’re doing—if you’re in a meeting, be fully absorbed in your work; if you’re off the clock, enjoy every minute of your leisure time.

Figure out Transportation

Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane in Mozambique need a 4x4 vehicle to travel around.  If you are coming from South Africa and crossing through the Kosi Bay border then park your car on the SA side of the border in the safe parking area, cost is R50 per car per day.  Ask you GoBundu agent to put you in contact with one of our reliable transport/transfer guys.  They will not only get you safely to your vacation home but can also be on your beck and call should you want to explore Ponta do Ouro, surrounding beaches or the Elephant Reserve.  Speak to your GoBundu agent to find out the detail!

Contact GoBundu for your next remote Bleisure Travel stay!

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