Blue Waxbill

GoBundu issues a weekly Wednesday Birding Blog Post.  Each post will feature a bird that has been sighted by GoBundu on their travels around Southern Mozambique over the last 16 years, together with a link that takes you to the exact google earth location that the specific bird was sighted.  If you are a keen birder keep an eye on GoBundu Facebook page and Blog every Wednesday for specific locations on where you can spot various birdlife.

Blue Waxbill

Click here to view the precise sighting location where GoBundu saw a Blue Waxbill: 

Gobundu spotted a Blue Waxbill on a sand road just off the tar road between Ponta Mamoli and Maputo.  This location is around a 20-minute drive north of Ponta Mamoli, towards the Elephant Reserve (click on the above google earth link to view the exact sighting spot).

Blue Waxbill

The power blue face, breast and tail render this specifies unmistakable.  Female has the blue confined to the face and breast.  Juvenile resembles female but is paler.

Habitat:  Drier areas of mixed woodland, and suburbia in some regions

Status:  Common resident.

Call:  A soft ‘away-away-sree-seeee-seeee-seeee’

If you would like to book accommodation in this area and try to spot the Blue Waxbill check out this link

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