Black Crake

GoBundu issues a weekly Wednesday Birding Blog Post.  Each post will feature a bird that has been sighted by GoBundu on their travels around Southern Mozambique over the last 16 years, together with a link that takes you to the exact google earth location that the specific bird was sighted.  If you are a keen birder keep an eye on GoBundu Facebook page and Blog every Wednesday for specific locations on where you can spot various birdlife.

Black Crake

Click here to view the precise sighting location where GoBundu saw a Black Crake:  

Gobundu spotted a Black Crake at a watery/marshy area between the Kosi Bay/Farazela border post and Ponta Malongane in Southern Mozambique.  This location is around a 15 minute from the Kosi Bay border (click on the above google earth link to view the exact sighting spot).  Other birds that where spotted in this area are:

African Jacana
Lesser Jacana
Woolley-Necked Stork
Little Egret
White-Breasted Cormorant

Black CrakeHas jet-black coloration, a bright yellow bill, and red eyes and legs.  Sexes are alike but male is slightly larger.  Juvenile is a grey version of adult and has a black bill, pale throat and dull red to black legs.

Habitat:  Marshes with a thick cover of reeds and other aquatic vegetation.

Status:  Common resident.

Call:  A throaty ‘chrrooo’ and a rippling trill, ‘weet-eet-eet-eet’, uttered in duet.

If you would like to book accommodation in this area and try to spot the Black Crake check out this link

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